Our company with it's longlasting tradition combines many years of experience with quality products of modern manufacturing to a competitive unit: Our proficiency for your success

We are strong in:

  • Proficiency: More detailed know-how about grease nipples than most traders due to our own production in the past.
  • Experience: About 50 years experience in export business to all continents except Antarctica.
  • Stock: Well sorted and large quantities for short delivery times.
  • Quality: High quality "L"-brand grease nipples from certified manufacturers.
  • Origin: Grease nipples Made in Germany at competitive prices.
  • Packing: Unique packing in red plastic boxes with clear vision top on request or favourable, strong bulk packing.
  • Flexibility: High Flexibility due to company's size, simple organisation schedule and intense communication between internal units.
  • Relations: We take care of our best relations to our manufacturers so that huge quantities and special executions can be supplied at reasonable delivery times.
  • Continuity: We put emphasis on the fact that our staff is working contiuously for our company, reliable competence.
  • Service: We are serving our customers kindly and customer orientated with highest reliability.


1929 Company established by Mr. Heinz Gerstmeyer as a factory for grease nipple production in Hamburg-Wandsbek, Schimmelmannstraße.
1971 Mercantile lead taken over by Mr.Hans Otte, technical lead by two partners.
1990 After company building burnt down with all it's machine no rebuilding of the factory. The two partners retire and the company becomes family-owned. Restart of the business as a trading company with grease nipples, grease guns and acessories in 20535 Hamburg, Marienthaler Straße..
2001 Company moves to it's current location Marskamp 4, 24640 Schmalfeld with larger rooms and larger stock.
2004 Bernd Otte enters the company for which he had already worked in his school time vacations. He is educated bank clerk and financial expert (Bankfachwirt, Chamber of Commerce).
2006 Hans Otte gives the lead of the company to his son and follower Bernd Otte who becomes new owner of Heinz Gerstmeyer Nachf.KG. He intends to continue business in the company tradition.
2015 ISO Zertizierung 9001
2019 Retirement Hans Otte
Heinz Gerstmeyer Nachf.KG

You'll find us here

Heinz Gerstmeyer Nachf.KG
Marskamp 4
24640 Schmalfeld